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 My MHP2G Customs

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PostSubject: My MHP2G Customs   Mon May 04, 2009 6:10 am

To use these customs click here
Need Custom Firmware to run these
GnS pack edited same status as the regular arena
Pride of Heaven & Earth(towergns) Wyverns of Land & Sky(landskyG)
all normal size and normal rewards, landsky has a glitch, Los just keeps flying around.
Either kill him 1st or throw a flash when you see him doing it.

Naruga... Garuga?
Naruga Kuruga and Yian Garuga in Old Forest day
Yian Naruga
same as above but in Old Forest night

White Fatalis at Castle Sharade
Same status and rewards as HR9 download, but at castle sharade

F*ck You Minions
HR9 Tigrex in arena
For those of you that can't stand minions like me Wink
HR8 Dual Naruga
Thats right both at the same time, up for the challenge >:]
HR8 Azure Rathalos
Have fun, no damn King Shakalaka to bother you
HR8 Pink Rathian
Everyones Favorite Rathian has moved to the arena
HR9 Rajang
The same one thats in the old Volcano
HR8 Rathalos
Requested by AdmiredFob, good idea so I went and did it
HR8 Rathian
Why not, I did Rathalos =]
HR9 Gravios
Another request from AdmiredFob, the Swamp sucks so why not

Farming? No need for hot drink any more
HR9 Kirin Arena
The swamp still sucks, Inspired from dreamsyc's and xvalkeriex's videos
HR8 Yain Garuga
Requested by the bish, Trigun
HR9 Black Diablos
Cause I felt like it =P
HR7 Plesioth
I decided to put both Plesioths in the Water Arena
HR7 Green Plesioth

Four Stalwarts of the Volcano
Same as the 3, but with Gravios added.

Blos Marathon
NOTE:The White Monoblos has alot of hp, the settings are Normal LVL31
Monster Hunter
Same as the village quest, dumped data Wink

For those who downloaded and played these, report any glitch issues and reward issues please Very Happy for I will do my best to try and fix them
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My MHP2G Customs
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