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 Forum Rules


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 Forum Rules

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Lord of Kokoto (Admin)
Lord of Kokoto (Admin)

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:39 pm

1. No Spamming/Offensive Martial/Misleading
Posting off topic, pointless one lined messages such as just “lol” or “yeah” and the like
Also, no pornographic or profane images, videos, or text
Do not post misleading and intentionally false information

Usual Consequences -
Spamming: Several Warnings, 1 day suspension, 3 day suspension, week suspension, banned
Offensive Matial: 1-2 Warnings, 1 day-1 week suspension, banned
Misleading: 1 day suspension, 3 day suspension, banned

2. No Flaming/Racism/Sexism
Do not disrespect or degrade anyone simply because you disagree with them, everyone here has a right to their own belief or opinion. It is ok to disagree, but do not call them harsh names and swear at them, any mean-spirited racist or sexist comment may lead to an instant ban

Usual Consequences -
Warning or instantly banned

3. No double posts
When you make a post and want to add more to that post, use the edit button, once someone has replied to that post then you may post again

Usual Consequences -
None, it's just annoying

4. No advertising without permission
Never advertise, talking about how good a product (such as a video game) is perfectly fine, but if the sole purpose of the post is to attract customers it will be deleted, multiple offensives may lead to a ban

Usual Consequences -
1-2 warnings, 1 day-1 week suspension, banned

5. Please post in the correct category
When you post a thread, post in the category that best suits the topic

Usual Consequences -
None, it's just annoying

6. Impersonating an Admin/Mod (Memberating)
Never pose as (or claim to be) an Admin or Moderator, this may lead to a permanent and instant ban

Usual Consequences -
, Warning, Banned

7. Readable Posts
Please make all your posts readable and in English

Usual Consequences -
2-3 warnings, 1-3 days suspension

8. Illegal Discussion
Never post or comment upon ROMs, “Warez“, CD Keys, Cracks, Key Generators, ISO games, pirating and other illegal activity of the like - you will be warned but too many offensives could result in a ban

Usual Consequences -
2-3 warnings, banned

9. Descriptive Thread Titles
Please use descriptive thread titles, do not use vague titles such as “help me!” or “question”
Correct titles could include “I need help hunting the Tigrex” or “Where can I find this item?”

Usual Consequences -
Several Warnings, 1-3 days suspension

10. Cheating Game saves
Ashes of Kokoto does not support cheaters, the use of cheated game saves or discussion of is prohibited

Usual Consequences -
Warning, week suspension, banned

11. No “Meet-Up” Posts
It should be common sense to know that you shouldn’t meet strangers in real life you only know on the internet, that is how people get kidnapped and murdered ladies and gentlemen…
There for, any threads that give out personal information such as address, phone number, etc. will be deleted - asking for one’s address will result in a warning, and possibly ban, its just for your safety

Usual Consequences -
1-2 warnings, 3 day suspension, banned

12. Treat Administrators and Moderators with respect
Back talking, flaming, aggressive arguing and otherwise insulting an Admin or Mod will result in a warning, leading up to a ban if the Admin believes its neccesary

Usual Consequences -
1-2 warnings, 1 day-1 week suspension or banned

13. Check before posting
Before asking a question about Monster Hunter, please view our guides first, if the guides do not answer your question then feel free to post

Usual Consequences -
None, it's just annoying

14. Post your sources
Give credit to an image or quote when grabbed from another site

Usual Consequences -
Warning, 1-3 days suspension, banned

Thank you for reading, and complying with the forum's rules, by doing so you shall make this community a better place to be :D
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of your Admins
If you wish to appeal a ban, please contact one of your Admins
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Forum Rules
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